ETIER Manufacturing Enterprise isn't just an sustainable apparel production facility but also teaches job, life and entrepreneurial skills to make the shift from consumers to creators in the fashion industry. Focusing on Innovative Designs, Sustainable Building and Creative Structuring to bring your vision to life.


ETIER is a certified M/WBE Manufacturing Enterprise that focuses on Innovative Designs, Sustainable Building, and Creative Product Structuring. ETIER merges its business model and creativity to establish new ways of production, which invites the consumer to do more than consume in the fashion industry.  ETIER offers innovation and specialization in product development and supply chain. 


ETIER is a manufacturing company that began in Brooklyn, NY. Our business pivoted during COVID 19 by creating essential garments for all businesses as well as local communities. Production started in June 2020, and since its origination, profits have continuously soared.


ETIER prides itself on its innovative products such as PPE Products, Apparel Designs, and other Sustainable ideas. ETIER has also explored various ventures to fulfill the desires of our consumers' needs. ETIER is not only a manufacturing company but also a community collaborative.  ETIER works closely with community-based organizations and encourages individuals to learn the trade and culture of our brand. 

ETIER is a growing company that has thrived during these uncertain times.  ETIER is a force that will continue to deliver, maintain, and remain a staple in our community for years. The best is yet to come!


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